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Recycle & Upcycle

Here you will find the instructions for recycling ties and creating unique, beautiful and eco-sustainable pieces; a handmade accessory for you, or a gift for someone you care about.


Designed for those who are always on the move and want to stand out, even in the most formal environments. Ana created this original briefcase with only five ties. The realization is suitable for slightly more experienced hands, but by following our instructions, anyone can make it.


Create your unique case: practical, original and personalized! Choose the tie that evokes the memories that you would like to carry with you. A useful and beautiful accessory. Upcycle, and with your creativity you will give a new life to your special tie.


With this very elegant and refined accessory, we wanted to recall and relive the history of the tie. To make this double-face scarf, perfect for any occasion, you need four ties. It is a detail of your outfit that will make the difference! For Oscar Wilde "A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life."


In homage to the Croatian origins of the tie, we propose this maritime landscape made following a design by the sculptor Marela Kovacevic Đukez. What a pleasure to create art following your own personal taste and our simple instructions!


How to make a personal and economic tablet case that will amaze everyone, using only four ties? Our motto is: saving and recycling to produce a personalized and unique line. Your TableTie will impress everyone!


Many ideas to decorate your small and large events. Why not, even a gift, to place something different from the usual tie under the tree. Inexpensive, fun and simple to make.