The most popular proposal from our first workshop was the CrissCrossTie, a surprising double-faced scarf that is easy to make and with spectacular results. Those a little more courageous and experienced in working with patchwork techniques, were fascinated by the TableTie, tablet case. Our younger creators, on the other hand, have created wonderful CroaTie paintings to take home. Very charming and simple for realization was our practical BelTie case.



On a beautiful autumn day, as part of the Molisaico project, we created lots of beautiful CroaTie paintings using the “applique” technique. Using sewing machines, we have made unique handbags using only three ties, thus creating, in the true sense of the word, beautiful zero waste accessories.



The desire to socialize is stronger than anything else and so, in compliance with the pandemic conditions, we gathered in large numbers to have fun and create DecoraTie Christmas decorations, recycling the ties for the joy of kids and grandparents. We made also unique CroaTie paintings, now a very popular classic in our workshops.